Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Self-Righteousness From An Accessory To Murder

From LifesiteNews we read that pro-choice clinic escorts (hereinafter referred to as "deathscorts") are displeased with our presence in front of the death camps.

The LifeSiteNews piece is This was based on a pro-abortion article written by a student from GWU who volunteers  as a deathscort; it appears that she does so in Virginia.  This means she probably hitched up with WACDTF.  We’ve known for some time that GWU is quite the recruiting ground for WACDTF.

Her article starts off with inaccuracies.  She says that “I figure that the women who come here have agonized over this decision enough. They have considered their own circumstances, looked at all the options, and come to the best possible decision that they can make.”  I can tell you that is often NOT the case.  One woman was referred to the mill by her doctor.  He told her to get “a procedure” done to address her morning sickness.  When we explained what “the procedure” was, she was horrified.  We got her real help.  That was several years ago; her baby is now in school.

Note towards the end where David Bereit hypothesizes his theory regarding the deathscorts’ rancor.  He opines, “They view us as self-righteous, judgmental, hateful, angry, trying to take away rights from women.   That's why they harass us. That's why they taunt us.”  With all due respect to David, I think his diagnosis to be simplistic and incomplete.  A key reason why they’re angry at us, even when we’re silent, is because our very presence out there pricks their seared consciences.  We are not validating them in their sin and therefore we are the objects of their derision.  As long as they continue in their mortal sin, that will never change.  Now while we don’t condemn them, we will not be hampered in our efforts to offer real life-affirming to women going in to the abortuary.  Funny thing – as much as the deathscorts wax self-righteous about “women’s rights”, they turn a blind eye to women who are obviously being coerced into abortion – all the more to fatten the wallets of the abortuaries whom they dutifully serve.

The so-called “service” happened in Virginia.  I wonder if this woman is sore about the closing of NOVA Women’s Health Care in Fairfax VA.  We commonly referred to it by the street name “Eaton Place”.  It was the busiest abortion mill in VA until new abortion regulations, championed by Ken Cuccinili, forced it to shut its doors and stop killing.  I suspect this deathscort’s article is nothing more than a pity-party.  As more mills close down, expect more of these screeds.  It’s just evil in its death throes.  And yes, pray that this woman and others like her repent.  Their immortal souls are in grave peril.

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