Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Parish Council Worth Its Weight In Gold - Action Item At Bottom

I speak of the parish council at St John Bosco parish, in the Archdiocese of Palmero located in Italy - Sicily to be precise.  They have a parish priest named Don Alessandro Maria Minutella.  The latter is being sacked by Archbishop Corrado Lorefice because he teaches the truth about marriage, Holy Communion, etc.  He will not allow adulterers to receive Holy Communion and has publicly decried the language in Amoralis Lamentia that permits such abominations.

The parishioners are upset and understandably so.  Knowing the proclivities of their bishop, they have reason to fear a progressive being named as Minutella's replacement.  They are being diligent not only for their own souls but those of their families.

LifeSiteNews not only has more details of the situation but they also have a translation of the open letter that the local parish council sent to their bishop.  They make plain the fact that they are not going to roll over and play dead, that they will not play the rubber stamp.  They want at least to discuss the matter with the bishop.  With all the kvetching about "dialogue" and "encounter", is this such a difficult concept for Lorefice to grasp?  Or does that only work when the conversation favors progressivism?

Readers, I for one applaud the clarity and courage of this parish council.  It is worthy of study and emulation.  Let us ponder that last word, for many of us will most likely face such scenarios where we'll have to stand up to diocesan bullies who would spiritually starve us and our loved ones.

Meanwhile, we can add our voices to those of the parish council members.  Here is the contact page from the diocesan site.  Please write your own emails.  Unless you are writing in Italian, I'd suggest brevity along with clarity.  These chanceries do seem to respond to volumes of contact; let's make our own, shall we?

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