Friday, February 1, 2019

Clergy Will Pretend To Police Themselves At Vatican Meeting This February

Between Feb 21-24, various Church officials will meet in the Vatican to discuss "protection of minors".  You might recall this meeting is the excuse reason why the pope quashed any vote on this matter when the USCCB met last November.  Quite frankly, after this meeting I suspect no young man will be safe around a goodly percentage of clergy.

Let's start by looking at the "organizing committee".  We see Cardinal Cupich is part of it.  He's the same prelate who doesn't seem all that concerned with prelates raping seminarians because it's sex between two adults.  One would hope that this meeting will deal with ex-cardinal McCarrick and how this serial abuser was allowed to carry on for so long.  Will that topic be axed from the agenda as a mere "rabbit hole"?

One wonders if the pope shares that same sentiment.  At best, he appears not to have high expectations of this meeting for he said "the abuse will's a human problem".  Well golly gee whiz!  Should we say the same about serial hatchet murders?  These crimes aren't human - they are monstrous.  Moreover, this meeting is being held with the ostensible purpose of dealing with sexual abuse as committed by clergy, that is, those who've received the Sacrament of Holy Orders and who will bear that indelible mark on their souls for all eternity.

The pope revealed last week that he fails to take seriously sins of the flesh, the consideration of which he dismisses as "morality below the belt".  He went so far as to praise confessors who shrug them off while saying that other confessors who ask the nature and kind of these sins should see a psychiatrist.  Recall that our Lady of Fatima told the seers that more souls go to hell owing to sins of the flesh.  Moreover, when we have mortal sin to confess, we are required to tell the confessor the nature of these sins and the number of times we committed them.  The pope is essentially giving instructions that can only result in eternal damnation for those in mortal sins of the flesh.  Will the pope, along with Cupich et al, force this mindset upon the attendees of this meeting?

Other troubling questions need to be asked.  Is the purpose of this meeting to produce smoke and mirrors so that abusive prelates can continue their abuse of boys and young men?  Maybe of the ideas behind it is to normalize sodomy?

Obviosly there will be more to discuss as things unfold and the meeting itself happens.


  1. "Sins of the flesh" may be at a higher circle of hell than level 9 (Cocytus - the frozen river) in the company of Lucifer and Judas; but they are contained in hell, nevertheless.

    I will listen to no man that facilitates eternity in that hideous place.

    I aim for heaven; expect purgatory along the way. Only heaven. I will not "abandon all hope" and a river ride over Styx with the other forlorn hopeless, for the sake of stupid sins "below the belt".

  2. I have an idea: let's blame the laity and make them go through "training" and fingerprinting and background checks!


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