Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wind-Down Of The USCCB Meeting

This meeting of the USCCB is showing us the true colors of many of our shepherds - and those colors aren't pretty.  First we have Bishop Olson of Fort Worth TX calling on the US bishops to rebuke Archbishop Vigano for calling on Pope Francis to resign.  Some might remember that four years ago Olson banned the Tridentine Mass from Fisher More College.  Also refer to the Church Militant link for an account of how Olson and other Texas bishops worked to undermine the efforts of Texas Right to Life.

We also learned that the bishops voted against asking the Vatican to share its documents regarding ex-cardinal McCarrick.  Well, surprise surprise - not!  These bishops are either buddies of McCarrick or those on whom McCarrick et al have dirt.  It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.  One of McCarrick's buddies is Cardinal Cupich.  At that same meeting, he opined to the other bishops that sex between two adults (including clerics) was "consentual sex".  In other words, he tried to keep the focus on the abuse of minor children.  While that indeed is a horrific crime, the de facto rapes of young men by pervert clergy cannot be overlooked, as some believe to be the hope of Cupich and others.

On the other hand, Bishop Joseph Strickland, also of Texas, challenged his brother bishops regarding their belief in Jesus' teachings regarding homosexual conduct.  In particular, he wondered aloud how, if they believe the Church's teachings, how they could allow pro-LGBT priests to speak in their dioceses.  It doesn't take a genius to figure that he was speaking of Father James Martin; why Strickland didn't name him, I don't know.  He might as well have also mentioned Cardinal Wuerl, who invited Martin to give a meditation during the services on Good Friday 2017 at St. Matthew's Cathedral.  And of course there is Pope Francis himself, who invited him to join the Vatican Communications Office.  Martin is actually in charge of handling the Vatican's tweets.

I understand that this gabfest cost almost a million dollars.  With all the kvelling about the funding for their various "social justice" outreaches, one might think they could have held their meeting in some retreat house already owned by the Church.  Whatever happened to being wise stewards of financial resources?  But time after time they have shown their propensity to squander their spiritual resources.  I still remain of the opinion that the USCCB should be dismantled, and soon.


  1. Good run down Janet! And absolutely the USCCB needs to go. In this instance, however, it was a very clear picture for the lay faithful to determine who is on the side of Christ and who is not. The Lord is still in the process of waking people up I do believe.

  2. They showed their true colors allright: and it is YELLOW. They should turn in their red vestments for this color!

    1. They richly deserve the appellation earned by Capt. Philip Francis Queeg (whose leadership capacity they also exhibit): "old yellow stain."

  3. The majority of them should send back their baptismal certificates.


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