Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bishop Olmsted Takes Issue With Critics

As was to be expected, progressive elements who call themselves "Catholic" are having their typical snit-fits against His Excellency.  According to this FoxPhoenix article, "Catholics United says the bishop is too much of a hard-liner, out of touch with many Catholics -- and the Phoenix Diocese responded swiftly and sternly. Firing back, Bishop Olmsted said Catholics who do not agree with him are no longer Catholic themselves."

Amen, Bishop Olmsted!  When it comes to "Catholics United", he is spot-on correct about that bunch.  Go to their website to take a tour.  The first thing you'll notice is their defense of another aberrant group, the CCHD.  We have taken CCHD to task numerous times for their alliances with progressive and baby-murdering organizations.  For that, Catholics United calls us "opponents of social change".  Well, given the kind of "social change" for which this crowd pines, we'll wear that title as a badge of honor.

When examining an organization, it's always helpful to look at their key players.  So let's examine their director, Chris Korzen.  Wikipedia's article about him is most informative.  Now most people will know that Wikipedia itself tends to lean to the left, so the information contained therein cannot be so readily dismissed by the left-wingers.  He is linked with the Service Employees International Union.  You remember them from last spring, don't you?  They're the bunch that sent 500+ people to stampede all over a bank official's front yard.  Now Korzen claims fidelity to Catholic moral teaching in regard to abortion.  So why, oh why, does he write for RH Reality Check?

Co-founder James Salt has even less credible claim to allegiance to the Majesterium regarding abortion.  As mentioned before on this blog, he worked for rabidly pro-abortion Tiller-pal Kathleen Sebelius.

Again, thank you, Bishop Olmsted, for calling out another faux-catholyc bunch.

Thanks to Pewsitter for this alert.

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