Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Preliminary Reports From Today's Germantown Rally

Due to work responsibilities, I was unable to make it to today's rally.  However, I was able to drive by it.  I took some video and may post it.  If other video shows up though, I'll link to that, since my shots are not spectacular by any stretch of the imagination.

Here is one report from Eric Sammons, posted on his blog.  On that are some pictures.  He remarks that his wife has been praying there weekly for about four years.  Can some of us lend her company?

Then we hear from Students for Life.  Kristan Hawkins, their executive director, was one of the speakers.  Their Facebook page contains quite a few shots.

If you, like I, were unable to make today's event, fear not!  Today was just the first step in the process of ousting Carhart, and that entire mill, from the area.  As I suggested yesterday, please check the "Kick Out Carhart" website frequently.

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