Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Olmstead VS Hospital Situation - The ACLU Chimes In

We read in Lifesite News that the ACLU has given their all-too-predictable opinion.  They chide Bishop Olmstead for doing his duty.  Naturally their screed originates from their "Reproductive Freedome Project".  Their attorney, Alexa Koibi-Molinas states, "A hospital’s first responsibility must be to protect the health of its patients."  Well, yes, that's correct.  But what Koibi-Molinas fails to acknowledge was that in the abortion situation, there were two patients.  St. Joseph's Hospital, in committing the sin of abortion, e.g., the murder of a baby, violated the very same principle articulated by Koibi-Molinas.  So what is her snit about?

Here are some interesting questions.  Why doesn't the ACLU just suggest to the hospital that they forego the "Catholic" designation?  Why, one might think the ACLU would celebrate the hospital's new status as not being chained to the Catholic Church!  After all, aren't they all about separating the church from every facet of society?  What's their real motivation here?

I'll be so bold as to hypothesize.  What the ACLU wants is for the Catholic Church to compromise its conscience.  Like other progressive cabals, their own collective consciences, sickened by sin, cannot brook the presence of the Church and its proclamation of Godly truth.  They want to silence that voice in a vain attempt to assuage their own guilt.

ACLU = Anti-Christian Libertines Union

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