Monday, December 6, 2010

How Well Do You Know Your Local Eco-Whacko Pabulum?

(Thanks to Acts of the Apostacy for this)

Well, boys and girls, forget about the Baltimore Catechsim!  I remember when I started school, our days would start by Sister calling upon us to answer those questions - such as "Where is God?"  That's now deemed to be "irrelevant".

From the National Catholyc Distorter, we are now encouraged to ponder deeper, more "relevant" matters.  So now I link to (drum roll, please!)...

Ponder such great matters, as:
  1. When was the last great fire in your region?
  2. What kind of food was usually consumed by the ancient cultures in your region?
  3. When is the rut of deer and when are the fawns born?
  4. Which species of your region are already extinct?
Warning!  If you flunk this, you'll have to do the Lenten Carbon Fast!

The priorities that these people have!

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