Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catholics For Equality Playing Gestapo Games

You have read here about "Catholics for Equality" and how Georgetown University is incubating these nutso groups.  Then you read here about how those poor dears bunched their undies because Kicanas didn't win the post of USCCB president.

The American Papist points out the latest stunt that these catholycs are promoting.  It seems that they developed a smartphone app that they want their little gestapo agents to use to "report anti-equality activity" as they attend Mass or other church functions.  So think of it.  Father, during his homily, is doing what a priest should be doing - teaching Catholic truth about marriage, for example.  The "catholyc" gnome next to you whips out his/her smartphone and starts typing away!  Yes, Father is being "reported"!  Welcome to the brave new world of "tolerance".

If you read the post carefully, you'll see that the American Papist clearly illustrates the link between "Catholics for Equality" and George Soros.  Surprise, surprise!!

He does seem to be concerned that these stunts could have intimidating effects.  Perhaps - but only if we let them!  Ladies and gentlemen, we still live in a free country, and we can turn the tables on them if we have the guts and imagination to think outside the "poor little persecuted Christian" box.  Of course it also means we have to have our eyes open and to be alert at all times.  Here's what I mean.  Say, for example, your priest is preaching that homosexual relations are mortally sinful (and they are, of course).  All of the sudden, you notice a stranger whip out his phone and start typing away.  Maybe your radar should go up.  Now you don't want to cause a scene and disrupt Holy Mass.  However, afterwards, you can confront this individual in the lobby or parking lot.  Ask him/her what he/she was doing - point blank.  Ideally, have others with you.  If the situation warrants, pull out your own recording devices.  With your own smartphones, take his photo and that of his vehicle license plate.  I bet you won't see him/her again.  Light scares away cockroaches.

I suppose all this will get me reported for "anti-equality activity".  I will wear that label as a badge of honor.


  1. I think I'll work on an App that will locate, identify (with a loud unique sound) those running this app during worship and other Church functions. That way people will know who they are and know what to do with them. Kick them out of the Church for being part of a dissenting fifth column...rogue agents set on destroying God, the Church and the family.

  2. I trust you're being sarcastic. At any rate, your point is ... ?


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