Monday, December 27, 2010

MD Pro-Life Activists Vindicated In Suit Against Harford County

In the summer of 2008, the annual Face the Truth Tour, spearheaded by Defend Life, was interrupted in Harford County when police arrested the FTT participants who were peacefully standing along the road with their signs.  Moreover, three of the young women were strip-searched by the police.

Defend Life and the pro-life activists filed suit against the State of Maryland, Harford Couty and the Town of Bel Air.  They were, and are, being assisted by attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund.

Harford County has settled with the activists.  According to the Lifenews article, the Harford State Attorney opposed the sheriff's office and its treatment of the pro-lifers.  However, there are two other defendants in the case: the Town of Bel Air and the State of Maryland.  If they do not settle, there will be a trial in federal court.

Here are links to other news sources:

Here's an explanation of the Face the Truth Tour concept and its origins.

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