Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frances Kissling's Startling Admissions

In an op-ed piece in the Feb 18th edition of the Washington Post, Frances Kissling, former president of "Catholics For A Free Choice", plainly stated that weaknesses in the pro-abortion mentality are causing them to "lose ground".  Read it at this link.

She states that public opinion is swinging to the pro-life side; the Post online article links to a Gallup poll that must be one of the sources of Kissling's concerns.  Now get this quote: "We can no longer pretend that the fetus is invisible".  In saying that, is she not also admitting that at one time, the pro-abortion proponents were at one time delberately pretending that the child is invisible?  I have had conversations with deathscorts in front of abortuaries, where supposedly intelligent people claimed that because they didn't see the child that the child didn't exist.  Their statements were breathtaking because of their profound stupidity.

What might be some reasons for this grudging acknowledgement on her part?  The first might be the sonogram.  This device, showing very clear images of the child in utero, was not yet in existence in 1973, when the Roe v Wade decision was rendered by the US Supreme Court.  Recall that it was the sonogram that awakened the late Bernard Nathanson to the lie of the pro-abortion mantras.  The second (and some pro-lfers will resent this!) is the showing of the images of aborted babies.  Most of the pro-abortion proponents will go to great lengths to keep these pictures under wraps - understandibly so, for they show the pro-abortion talking points to be cheap lies.

She then (pretends to) utter a shocking statement by suggesting that some "post-viability" abortion restrictions might be in order - except for loopholes so large that trucks could drive through them.  She also states, "We should also work to sensibly regulate abortion facilities - not to prohibit access, but to ensure safety."  In this, I suggest some "damage-control" efforts, perhaps a reaction not only to the Live Action stings, but also to the Gosnell murder case and the Maryland abortionists who have recently lost their licenses.

In all this angst and self-recrimination here, I sense a booby-trap is being set for pro-life activists, with this article as rather clever bait.  Some amongst us have been hankering for talks with pro-aborts to "find common ground".  Let's get real - there is no "common ground" with murder.  Get used to it.  Let's remember what Ronald Reagan said when asked for his policy regarding the Cold War.  He said that his policy was really quite simple - "We win and they lose".  That must be our policy - the babies and our God deserve no less.

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