Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Statement Of Father Thomas Euteneuer

There have been many questions surrounding the departure of Father Thomas Euteneuer from his postion as Director of Human Life International.  Yesterday he issued a statement that can be read here.

Until now, I've declined to post on the matter, simply because I didn't know much.  There was way too much secrecy surrounding this departure.  However, that very secrecy, coupled with the deplorable history of the Church hierarchy in dealing with the homosexual sex scandals of the past decade caused me to conclude that there was no reason to assume a passive stance.  Many bloggers did ask questions, for which I commend them.  Still, others repeated allegations of wrongdoings from alleged victims who undermine their own credibility by choosing to skulk in the shadows of anonymity; that is unacceptable.

I also had believed the possibility that Father might have been railroaded for his unambiguous defense of the Church's teachings on life, and his fearless calling out of those public figures who promulgate the murder of babies and promotion of perversion.  Had that been the case, Father Euteneuer would by no means be the first such victim.  Several years ago, near my home, a priest had the audacity to teach a class on Humanae Vitae and he did so clearly.  Because he apparently offended some wealthy and contracepting parishioners, he was prevented at preaching at Masses and shipped off to "diocesan siberia".  And from the Diocese of Arlington (wherein HLI is located, by the way), there is the situation with Father James Haley.  A blogging colleague has devoted an entire blog to his plight.  Read it here.  Also causing me to fear harm to Father was the all-too-sudden suppression of his two latest books on the demonic influences on abortion.  That is a question that remains unanswered.  Why were those books recalled?  Was there error in the books?  Father's personal situation notwithstanding, would not the facts in the books stand or fall on their own merits?  Until that question is answered, it will be asked repeatedly.

We all appreciate Father's candid statements.  Father alludes to "malicious falsehoods that were published this past week on various internet sites".  While I don't necessarily doubt the existence of malicious posts, I did not see any malice in any of the sites that I read; the ones citing the anonymous allegations I believe were grossly imprudent, but not malicious.  Questions were raised not so much by the bloggers but by the abysmal culture of secrecy that has for far too long, been the modus operandi of the hierarchy. We've seen the damage done during the gay clergy abuse debacle. Silence and obfuscation has led to bankrupt dioceses, lost faith and even suicides.

I've no bones saying now that both the Florida bishop and HLI (or its local bishop, if direction came from him) badly bungled the handling of this matter.  Had Father been allowed to make this statement early on, much useless speculation and angst would have been avoided.
I thank Father for coming forth as he did.  Let us pray for Father, for Human Life International and all the other pro-life efforts.  Let us also pray for our own selves, for each and every one of us is prone to sin and weakness.  Prayer, Confession, Sacraments, Rosary, etc are needed by all.


  1. Before praising him, you might want to wait for.. the rest of the story. Adele

  2. It seems his problem was that he sinned w/only one woman... if he got a cult going he'd be wined and dined by the next pope saint and if he abused priests and seminarians, he'd get to be a Cardinal.

  3. Adele, at this time we have only Father's statement as evidence of events precipitating his departure from HLI. As I commented on your blog, any other allegations MUST be substantiated, or they remain merely rumor and innuendo. When alleged victims come forward with evidence, press charges and actually do the proper thing, then we might have a "rest of the story". Until then, the anonymous potshots coming from the shadows must be construed as slander or calumny. Wait? Nope! I'm not holding my breath.

  4. Anonymous of 9:48 this morning, I'll disregard your sarcasm for the time being to address a point. One key problem is that a "personality cult" did arise around Father Euteneuer. That was NOT the fault of Father. Rather, it's the fault of those who, in many ways, are spiritually and mentally lazy, who do not take responsibility to pursue holiness, to learn their faith and to act as grown-ups. He was put on a pedestal - a place where no human being belongs. It's still happening with way too many people, with way too many "idols" - and I use that word "idol" with all its definitions.


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