Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A CCHD / Catholic Health Association Link??

On November 17, I posted about a panel of Catholic women, at which both John Carr and Sister Carol Keehan spoke.  Both of them were whining about "polarization", which is to say they were whining about their double-talk being exposed.  That post of mine had other links containing information about John Carr.  In a nutshell, he is the Executive Director of the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development; this is the office that oversees the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Sister Carol Keehan is, of course, the "religious" (?) who violated her vows and sold countless babies and other helpless people down the river when she aided and abetted the passage of the Obama Hell Bill.

Recall a few weeks ago, when there were calls for the USCCB to sever its ties with the Catholic Health Association (of which Keehan is president) because of the latter's influence in the passage of the Hell Bill.  The USCCB demurs - of course.  You may also recall that this blog and other good sources have noticed, amongst the progressives who call themseles Catholic, that there are numerous "sharings" of directors and board members, etc.  Well, one such sordid little tie came to my attention this week, between the Catholic Health Association and the USCCB.  That "connection" has a name - John Carr!  One can see it on Carr's biography on the USCCB's websiteJohn Carr sits on the board of directors of the Catholic Health Association. (A word to the USCCB trolls.  Don't bother to "edit" this incriminating little tidbit.  I cached the page already!)

This may shed some light as to why calls to sever any USCCB/CHA relationship were brushed off by the USCCB.  Remember - John Carr has oversight of the CCHD.  Also recall that we have yet to see the CCHD's 2011 Grantee List.

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