Saturday, February 5, 2011

USCCB Kisses Up To Catholic Health Association

Remember when USCCB President Bishop Timothy Dolan referred to God, during a televised interview, as "him, her, whatever you want"?  Well, once again he has managed to cram both episcopal feet into his episcopal mouth (thanks to ALL for the alert, by the way".  In an interview last month with National Catholic Reporter, the bishop had this to say about relations with the Catholic Health Association: “It’s not that the CHA is working on the side of the hospitals, while the bishops are trying to preserve a pure morality because it’s being chipped away.  Philosophically, we’re on the same page.”

As Judie Brown said, a history lesson is in order for the USCCB president.  Not only did the CHA give the Obama Hell Scare Bill the final push it needed to pass the House, but Sister Carol Keehan placed herself on the side of St Joseph's hospital in Phoenix, when the latter was stripped of its Catholic status for authorizing an abortion to be committed on its premises. 

In light of these events, how on earth can the USCCB state of the CHA "philosophically, we're on the same page"?  Could it be that the USCCB knows that Sister has Obama's favor and gratitude for her treachery towards the Church and the babies in helping cram through the Hell Bill?  Why is there this incessant practice on the part of the USCCB to lick the boots of those who wield clout in the kingdom of this world?

Some call for the reform of the USCCB.  I call for its complete abolishment, thankful that this cabal wields no inherent majesterial authority.  Then I'd suggest study of Pope Leo XIII encyclical, as mentioned in yesterday's post.

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