Monday, February 7, 2011

Why The Lame-Brain Stream Media Is Mum About Planned Pimpdom

From Lifenews we read of the chequered resume of Stuart Schear, PP's Vice President of Communications. Does "vice" have several meanings here?  But I digress!  He certainly came with the proper progressive experience - and connections, it appears.

He worked with PBS and NBC news.  He even managed the television interviews for the Clinton adminstration.  It pays (sometimes literally) to have friends in key positions.  Might this explain the mainstream media's abysmal silence on Planned Parenthood's assistance to predators and their unconscionable callousness towards young girls who are obviously being exploited?

It is the internet and the blogosphere that aided Live Action into making known this situation.  Do NOT let the Messiah Most Miserable and his Mindless Minions tamper with the free press and the internet in any way, shape, fashion or form - or we can kiss the First Amendment goodbye.

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