Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lenten Carbon Fast - It's BAAAACK!

A perverse form of "lenten mortification" has returned to insult the intelligence of reasonable people.  Yes, "" has snookered at least one Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Washington into glommng onto the nonsensical farce called the "Lenten Carbon Fast" - Blessed Sacrament in the Chevy Chase area, to be precise.

Here's this year's "calendar" for your reading (dis)pleasure.  We start off Ash Wednesday by unscrewing our light bulbs (why don't they just suggest we not turn the lights on?).  Oh, things get even more profounds as we continue.  On March 20th, we are instructed to "Go for a walk.  Get wet.  Dig the earth."  Wow!  Can ya (wait for this!) dig thisCoolGroovy, man!  We can tell this mess was compiled by now-aged 1960-style hippies who never quite grew up!

On April 3rd, we are served the obligatory "environmental guilt trip".  That is, we're supposed to "think prayerully" how we, the "richest nation", are consuming 80% of the world's resources.  Not mentioned, of course, is that the US is actually developing the bulk of the resources.  On April 6th, we're urged to watch some environmentalist propaganda; we're given a list of movies from which to select.  Of course, Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth is included.  Hey - if we're going to "think prayerfully" on something, how about the "inconvenient truth" that 3500 babies are being murdered every day in this country?  Now that is something for which the US should be ashamed - including Al Gore, a big proponent of baby-murder.

On March 26th, they're going to celebrate Earth Hour!  What is that?  Why, they're "taking action on climate change" by (now wait for this lovely suggestion!) turning off your lights for one hour at 8:30pm local time.  Well, guess what?  I'll have every light in my home blazing during that hour!  We can call this "Light Up The Night!"

By the way - did you notice all the crass, profit-centered commercials, masquerading as "climate-friendly suggestions" (shal we say)?   In addition to their own "shameless self-plug" on April 15th, we see on April 13th a number of seed and gardening suppliers suggested to us.  On March 23rd, we're urged to "reward ourselves for all our efforts so far - with chocolate!"  Then they plug "theochocolate".  Hey - I love chocolate as much as anyone else does - but can't they be honest about these promotions?  Sheesh!

Enough of this envirowhacko profanation and exploitation of Lent!  Here are some time-honored suggestions.
  • If you're not attending daily Mass, try to get there a few times a week
  • Make a good confession (mandatory if you're in mortal sin)
  • Attend Stations of the Cross
  • Pray at an abortion mill where babies are dying.  For locations close to you, consult and search for a local presence there.
  • Contribute money to a pro-lfe charity that actually will save babies.  Some suggestions are on the right side-bar
The underpinnings to this "environmentalism" and "climate change" hysteria, being deliberately contrived, are really quite ominous.  I encourage you to watch an expose of this sham as produced by RealCatholicTV.  I link to it here.  In addition, please put the words "climate change" and "environmentalism" in this blog's search box.  Read the postings; look at the linked material.  I'll also leave you with one more; put the words "James Lee" in the search box.  You might recall that he was the perpetrator in the police stand-off last September in Silver Spring.  Look closely and see how he was impacted by the inherently anti-life underpinnings of the same philosphy that created the Lenten Carbon Fast.


  1. Out of sheer curiosity, I was curious why you do not emphasize the second crucial aspect of salvation/Catholicism: good works. Popes and all the religious have said that this is just as crucial to enter heaven as faith. I am raising this query because of your desire to "Restore DC Catholicism". I notice that the blog has recently been addressing the issue of important, which is undebatable with regards to Catholic faith. But you are not "posting" about the hungriness and destitution of the homeless in DC (which is disgustingly high). If you say you are truly for this restoration than you may want live the messages of Jesus in the Gospels and the messages of the Church Hierarchy. I would love to here your take on this query and would thoroughly enjoy your response.

    Thank you kindly!

  2. No doubt that there are those needs, indeed. My main point is that we should not be giving legitimacy to those organizations that may well have motives at variance with morality. Opportunities for the Corporal Works of Mercy do abound, and with truly noble organizations that meet those needs. For instance, one could volunteer with the Little Sisters of the Poor or the Missionaries of Charity. There are the parish Vincent de Paul societies and local soup kitchens, and the Knights of Columbus. I might add that the local crisis pregnancy centers would welcome volunteers for many tasks; not only do they operate on shoe-string budgets, but they face undeserved hostility from local governments (although they prevailed against Baltimore City). This list is by no means exhaustive.


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