Friday, July 20, 2012

Who Built What??

Last week in Roanoke Virginia, the Messiah Most Miserable plopped another one uttered yet another miraculous oracle.  I'll put the jump break here because this is rather lengthy due to "visual aids".
First, let's get a first-hand glimpse of the miraculous both-feet-in-mouth insertion.

That means that no one who risked fortune and invested blood, sweat and tears into their businesses can take any credit for it.  The unspoken message is that they should not believe they can reap any rewards from their investments, either.  Let's look at some "visual aids", shall we?

Hopefully, these belated entrepreneurs now know the errors of their greedy ways!

So much for relatively recent American history!  However, the Messianic oracles are eternally true, are they not?

Hey!  Why not advise those at the Top of these precious pearls of wisdom?

What about the Messiah Most Miserable himself?

What?? Obama didn't build anything??  Seriously??  Wait, wait!  Yes he did - and here is one of his many crowning achievements to date!

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