Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Illegal Dumping At Carhart's Germantown Abortuary

Last week Operation Rescue unearthed an unlicensed abortionist operating illegally in Forestville, MD.  Today they announced that they discovered illegal dumping by Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown MD.  That's Leroy Carhart's place.  The trash included:

  • Sensitive patient information including driver license photocopies and other private information.
  • Bloody sanitary napkins, some of which contained fetal remains.
  • Bottles of IV drugs that are classified as controlled substances.
Operation Rescue has filed complaints with the Maryland Board of Physicians.  However, I have some questions for the other occupants of Germantown Executive Park Terrace.  The trash was no doubt found in common-area dumpsters.  Do you not go there to dispose of your own trash?  What do you think of the stench that must have been caused by the bloody remains of the murdered babies?  Do you have any concerns for the disease that could be bred in such conditions?  How about any concerns for declining property values?

Abortionists are, by definition, murderers of babies.  Anyone who can sink so low as to make his/her living by whole-scale slaughter of helpless children will have no great compunctions about the considerations and welfare of his/her fellow tenants.  By and large, you ignored our earlier pleas to have this baby-killing center evicted from your midst, and you turned deaf ears to us.  The proverbial chickens are coming home to roost.  This disgusting incident will only be the first of many, if you do not rise up and act like decent human beings and expel the murderous activity from your midst.

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