Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg's War On Mothers - New Front

Mayor Bloomberg of New York is taking Nanny State to the next level.  He is trying to foist breast-feeding (as opposed to bottle-feeding) on NYC mothers via his "Latch On NYC Initiative".  It's "voluntary" for hospitals now, but probably won't be so "voluntary" in the future.  So far 27 of the city's 40 hospitals have glommed onto the nonsense.

Now moms won't be denied formula, but they'll have to ask for it - and it won't be given to them without having the reason for the dispensing medically documented (I hope the infants' hunger is a medically valid reason for these Formula Police).  What will also be dispensed to the recalcitrant mother - with every bottle - is a lecture from a hospital staff person on the evils of bottles and the goodness of breasts!  Boys and girls, can we all say "brow-beating"?

Of course they're doing this "for the children", you see?  Never mind that this crap is coming from a typical pro-abortion politician who is totally in favor of a baby being brutally murdered before birth.  But should that child be so fortunate as to make it out of his/her mother's womb in one piece, then Bloomberg will take that hapless child into his clutches.

Not only does Nanny Bloomy tell Mom and Dad that they can't eat trans-fats or drink Big Gulps, he tells the poor little tyke how he/she must eat!  Is it really the role of a city mayor to tell moms how to feed their children?  When it comes to murdering the children, it's "between a woman and her doctor".  But with anything else, the Nanny State interjects its big bazzoo!  Did you ever think you'd see the day when Similac and Emfamil would be treated like morphine?

NYC residents, don't you think it's time to retire Bloomberg?  Why, oh why, do you put up with this nonsense?  For us Maryland folks, we'd better keep our eyes on our own legislative fools - that goes double for the ones who prowl the Montgomery County offices in Rockville.

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