Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yet Another Seedy Baby-Killing Dump In Maryland

I wrote late last year about a number of abortionists who were plying their trades in Maryland, practicing such shoddy medicine that the MD Physician Board had no choice but to take notice.  We know that Maryland attracts these maggots like a carcass draws vultures owing to lax abortion laws and abortophile lawmakers in Annapolis (including the faux-katholic in the governor's mansion).

Operation Rescue has unearthed another illicit late-term operation, this one run by James Scott Pendergraft of Florida.  His license there is in its fourth suspension and he has no license elsewhere - including Maryland.          He is working with one Harold Alexander at 7610 Pennsylvania Avenue in Forestville MD.  More details can be found on the Operation Rescue site, including a video.

Mention is made of regulations of abortion facilities that are scheduled to go into effect July 23rd.  It took the Stephen Brigham debacle to get the State of Maryland to take this important matter seriously.

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