Friday, April 3, 2015

From The Niggers Of The New Age Department - Gay Bullies Gnash Their Teeth At Christians

By now you've heard of the news of the legal battles in Indiana and Arkansas.  Legislation has been put forth to protect the rights of business owners to be free to run their enterprises according to their consciences.  The gay cartels have reared their ugly heads.  Sadly both governors of Indiana and Arkansas seem to have suffered sudden calcium deficiencies in their spinal columns.  The Indiana legislature, at the direction of Mike Pence whom we thought had some courage and clarity, is trying to "fix" the legislation before Pence signs it; in other words, they're gutting it of all protections for people who believe in marriage as God created it.

Again in Indiana, a pizzeria owned by Christians - Memories Pizza - closed their doors after gay bullies hacked their website and threatened to firebomb and even kill them.  They are in fear for their lives simply because they said they would not cater gay weddings.

Ladies and gentlemen, this gay bullying campaign is the twenty-first century version of kristallnacht.  Read that wikipedia link to learn how the Nazi hatred of Jews gradually became more manifest as time progressed.  The Nazis, embolded by their success in marginalizing the Jews, engaged in ever-escalating violence against the Jews, leading to the death camps.  The gay bullies, with the assistance of their progressive allies in politics and mainstream media, are attempting the same thing with Christians.  By and large they are meeting with tepid resistance at best, as evidenced by the regrettable cowardice of the governors of Indiana and Arkansas.

I now link to an excellent article in National Review called "The War On The Private Mind".  This is precisely what the progressives are all about with the so-called "gay rights" schtick.  They want those of us who hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ to be forced to validate and even embrace their mortally sinful perversions.  For them it isn't enough that we "tolerate" them - they will not stop until we celebrate their sins.  Why?  The answer is really quite simple.  Despite all their politically correct prattle, they know that they either commit or condone vile sins against God and nature.  When we Christians order our lives by the moral teachings of Jesus Christ, we serve as living rebukes to their embrace of sin.  Our integrity of lives stings their already sore consciences - or what's left of their consciences.  They think that by silencing us and even forcing us to validate their sinful conduct, that their consciences can be assuaged.  They can tolerate no voice of morality or reason; to them we are irritants who must be brought to heel, and they will stop at nothing to attain their warped ends.

A "case in point" is the recent call from Wyoming Equality, a gay-shilling outfit, to revoke the tax-exempt statuses of churches that oppose marriage perversion.  Many folks know that I'm no fan of the tax-exempt status as too many churches allow their moral voices to be mute for fear of endangering that status.  However, the 501(c)3 status should not be granted or denied based on moral beliefs, and that sort of bigotry is precisely what the gay-shilling cabal is demanding.  It's even worse abroad.  England is further along in the path of relegating Christianity to de facto ghettos.  A few days ago a UK evangelist was fined for quoting passages from the Bible deemed to be "homophobic".  During the sentencing the judge had the unmitigated gall to lecture the evangelist what Biblical passages were acceptable.  Boys and girls, can we say "censorship"?  Just to our north, in Toronto, two Catholics were rejected as board appointees precisely because they're Catholics.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is clear that we Christians - Catholics in particular - are being treated as the Niggers of the New Age.  It is happening because our lives stand in stark contrast to the debauched culture of death that is gripping so many key areas of society.  We must stand strong against it.  Any misguided diffidence on our parts will be seen as weakness - for that is exactly what it is.

By the way - Father Z suggests a novel way to deal with these folks.  It's worth a try!


  1. This is the most anti-christian rhetoric I've ever read I think. Why do these "christians" hate the constitution so much? A history that doesn't exist, they derive their morality from. This is a constitutional country. It's Godless by design. If you want state run religion then there are plenty of options, but this country was never designed for that. "God" isn't in the constitution. Why do Christians hate America? Picture Jesus not giving bread to a homosexual. You can't because he would have and DID feed them.

    1. "State-run religion"? What we don't want is the state telling us we cannot bring our beliefs into our own businesses. I can picture Jesus giving real assistance to the homosexual, in warning him/her that the sin of homosexual conduct will endanger his/her immortal soul.

    2. Let's put it this way; say that in 25 years Islam becomes the most predominant religion in the US, would you want them able to force laws on others who don't hold the same beliefs as them? Would you as a christian think it's okay if someone else who believes in something you think is ridiculous to be able to impose those views on you because they "feel morally wrong" with your choices (religion is a choice, sexuality isn't, btw)

      No country should allow that kind of theocratic bullshit, the middle ages proved how bad that is for humanity as a whole, people should be free to live their lives in peace and be treated as a human being despite differences.

      And one final thing, marriage wasn't invented by any god, it's something that has existed for a very long time, way before the bible and way before whatever age you believe the earth magically appeared in.

    3. Dahaka, in terms of "imposing views", you have it precisely ass-backwards. It is the gays who are going into Christian establishments with the aim of forcing them to facilitate their lifestyles. The Christians are merely standing up for their beliefs in the face of gay bullying. Let's be honest; these gays are carrying on like this as they think their own consciences will be quelled if they can coerce Christians to bend to their wills. The gay bullies do not want Christians to "live their lives in peace" because the Christians, as they live in obedience to God, are a living rebuke to the sinful conduct of those engaging in homosexual acts.

      Contrary to your erroneous opinion, marriage most certainly was ordained by the God who created us all. Magic did not create the earth; God did.


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