Friday, April 24, 2015

The Push To Marginalize Christians Grows More Blatant

Johns Hopkins University, long known for its rabid political correctness, has just made known its disdain for Christians who adhere to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Student Government Association just voted to ban Chick-Fil-A from the JHU campus, despite the opinions of a large part of the student body.  Of course the reason is that the SGA disapproves the Catheys' obedience to the true nature of marriage.  The SGA went so far as to call the presence of the eatery a form of "micro-aggression" to the JHU LGBTUVWXYZ (did I miss any letters?) population.

"Micro-aggression"!  I never knew that word existed.  It really doesn't.  It's just some pathetic attempt to twist the language to excuse the bigotry against conservatives on the JHU campus.  Are the perverts and their supporters such whiny, delicate little snowflakes that they'd feel "aggressed upon" by the presence of a restaurant?  Unless they were being forced to patronize the establishment at gunpoint, I see no excuse for such sniveling.

Andrew Guernsey, a junior at JHU and president of that campus' Voice For Life, wrote an article about the dismal anti-Christian bigotry displayed by the SGA; it is in the National Review.  Please read it here.  He's right.  It is a witch-hunt.  This time it's the witches that are doing the hunting, which brings me to the next example of Christians being marginalized.

Not only are we being targeted for our adherence to truth regarding marriage, but we are also being targeted for our defense of unborn children.  This bigotry is being shamelessly displayed by Hillary Clinton, a Democratic candidate for US President.  Correctly recognizing that Christians will not sit back and allow babies to be murdered without a struggle, she made some rather blatant declarations yesterday as she spoke at the Women in the World Summit in New York City.  She said, "deep-seated religious beliefs around the world have to be changed to promote critical access to reproductive health care." (italics mine)  Really?  Says who?  Who will be doing this "changing"?  How does she propose to accomplish this "change"?  Remember!  She wants to be President of the United States!  In other words, she wants to be our empress, and relegate Christians to de facto ghettos.  This link will take you to a video of her remarks.

Clinton's remarks are identical to those found in the New York Times several weeks ago.  Frank Bruni wrote an op-ed piece that clearly states his opinion that those who hold to Biblical standard of morality have no place at the American table.  I link also to Breitbart's analysis of this screed.  Bruni's pig-slop is in a major newspaper (well, not so major it seems.  The NYT has been losing readership as they lose credibility, but I digress!)

Ladies and gentlemen, these moves are just a few precursors to Kristalnacht.  Before some pollyannas protest that these incidents don't amount to that event, read your history.  The persecution of the Jews did not start with the violence of that one night.  It started slowly and in low-key fashions (such as what we're seeing now) and gradually but unmistakably increased in both frequency and intensity, culminating not only in Kristalnacht but the Nazi death camps.  Not only can it happen here, but the process is well underway.  I will link to an article written by Msgr Charles Pope that outlines "The Five Stages Of Religious Persecution".  These stages are commonplace today.

How long will the pollyannas bury their heads in the dirt?  Can any sane person doubt that we Christians are being relegated to the status of "Niggers of the New Age"?  We need to exercise our rights to forestall that - while we still have the ability to exercise them.

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