Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! Stop Yawning From Boredom Immediately!

Yep!  Another one has come and is almost gone!  If this stupid stupendous event escaped your notice, you are not alone!  According to National Journal, approximately 74% of Americans rarely - if ever - discuss Earth Day.  Eek.  The horror.  The terror.  I shall faint from fright at my earliest convenience.

I've written numerous times about this scam but still the progressives - in and out of the church - continue to sing this swan song.  Hopefully their audience is dwindling.  Now here's a person who's celebrating Earth Day as it should be celebrating - Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor.  He's contemplating the elimination of over 50 of the state environmental agency's jobs.  Talk about a reduction in waste and useless consumption of resources.  In all honesty, if Walker runs for president, he will be on my short list.

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