Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Lady Of America And Purity

Ladies and gentlemen, many of you know that I started this blog with the express purpose of exposing the progressive corruption that has infested the Roman Catholic Church and the culture at large.  The sickness is spiritual at its root.  While we speak and act, what we do must be founded upon and energized by the grace that comes to us through prayer, the Sacraments and intercession of the saints.

Our Blessed Mother is the intercessor par excellence.  Under her title Our Lady of Fatima she has continuously urged that we offer prayer - most notably the Rosary - for peace and conversion.  If you have not heard of Our Lady of America, please take note of her and her insistence upon purity and chastity as necessary conditions for restoration - both personal and societal.  I link now to the site of those championing this devotion and to a letter (as it appears on the EWTN site) by then-Archbishop Burke that detailed his review and favorable opinion of this devotion.

Ora et labora.

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  1. I have been a devotee of Our Lady of America for many years now. A framed Picture of her sits on my living room mantle. As in other visitations from her throughout the years, Our Lady of America gave us the recipe to fight what was coming, namely: The complete destruction of morals within and without the Church in America. She wanted her replica to be ceremoniously processed by the Bishops to the National Basilica in Washington. She promised that if this were to take place, America would see many more miracles that those of Lourdes, mainly spiritual in nature, and She indicated that this new 'purity' would spread throughout the world from here. I interpret these miracles to be conversion of hearts. Of course, they refuse to do this. The Church in America has been far too compromised by a hoard of Bishops that seem to be in complete apostasy. The Church (not only in America) has been infiltrated by those wishing to completely destroy her, mainly Masonic in nature, just as was prophesied by Our Lady of Good Hope. Not all of course are actually 'Freemasons' but have been corrupted and coerced by Freemasons. They are either cowards and weak willed or they are actively involved. I pray the ejaculation often during the day to Our Lady of America: 'BY THY HOLY AND IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, O MARY, DELIVER US FROM EVIL.' She knew exactly what was coming. She knew that the 6th Commandment would be annihilated and helped along even with the help of Her Priest Sons. Our poor Mother cries many tears for America and for the world, in particular in Her Son's Church. the good and holy Cardinal Burke knows this as well.

    Lord Jesus Have Mercy On Us. By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, Deliver Us From Evil.


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