Friday, April 10, 2015

Deo Gratias! Patricia Jannuzzi Reinstated In Her Job

A few weeks ago I posted about the maltreatment that Patricia Jannuzzi, a high school theology teacher, had received from both school and diocesan officials because she defended true marriage on her facebook page.  The scandal had in fact erupted all over the internet.  Many of us contacted these officials and let our displeasure be known.  The Lepanto Institute launched an advertisement that showed on both the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity shows, as well as an online petition drive to demand that the officials stop playing the politically-correct cowards and reinstate her to the job from which she should never have been fired.

Together we spoke truth to political correctness.  We shined the light of truth, and as we all know, cockroaches hate the light.  The officials realized that they were not going to escape the scrutiny and rebukes of faithful Catholics and they finally reinstated her.

This is the second recent incident that illustrates what can happen when good people are informed and when they take concerted action.  I've no doubt that the gay juggernaut is upon us and that it will be the vehicle for further persecution attempts.  Today's victory causes me to hope that the persecution is not inevitable.  It does mean that we must be ever vigilant, never naive and willing to spring into action.  The above letter makes plain that had we remained silent, Ms. Jannuzzi would have remained under the bus to where she was tossed.  While we still can exercise our civil rights, we must do so lest we lose them.

One aspect of this sorry mess that warrants closer examination is the mindset of Bishop Bootkoski.  When CNSNews queried him on his own adherence with Church teaching in regard to perverted conduct, he did not reply.  I for one find it troubling that a Roman Catholic bishop would be so coy regarding his convictions.  Any bishop worthy of the title should have no trouble announcing his allegiance in regard to Church teaching.  His evasiveness lends credibility to the hypothesis that he himself dissents from the teachings of Christ in this matter.  I hope someone can demonstrate that I am wrong, but if I'm not, any dissidence would explain his own participation in the maltreatment of Ms. Jannuzzi.


  1. AMEN & ALLELUIA! Victory through faithful Catholic media and prayer. Yes, indeed, it does prove that the unity of the faithful in action is powerful, with lots of prayer. I did read about this on another outlet, and the money that was donated to her will be returned and appear on donator's Credit/Debit cards shortly. Just FYI

    As for Bishop Bootkoski? The wolves are being drawn out into the open for all to see.

  2. What I found really creepy was that this all came about because a former student, a homosexual, was offended by what he read on her Facebook page. Does he spend all his time looking for people to whine about? Even if Facebook had existed when I was a kid, I can't imagine caring to view my old high school teachers personal thoughts.

    1. Bear in mind that this former student is a pervert. They resent the truth as it applies to their conduct. He's also the nephew of liberal hollywood loudmouth Susan Sarandon. She played a huge roll in getting this to go nationwide.


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