Saturday, April 25, 2015

March For Marriage - Initial Report And Videos

I and many thousands attended the 2015 March For Marriage (spearheaded by National Organization for Marriage) this afternoon.  It was held on the Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol.  I took many shots but for now will feature only three of them.

It started with a rally which was well underway when we arrived.  You'll notice in the first video that I started recordin as we arrived that the Hispanics showed up in force.  I certainly commend them for that; I only regret that they put other Catholics to shame owing to their relative lack of appearance at the mall - particularly those Catholics in the local tri-state area.  To be honest, I know of only one parish in Maryland that gave the march the importance that it deserved.  Could it be that the presence of a same-sex "married" vice president of Catholic Relief Services may well have justified the lack of attention given to this important effort by many local Catholic pastors?

The second video shows the start of the march to the Supreme Court.  I'll have later shots of the march proper up in a day or so.  I commend the American Society for Tradition, Family and Property for lending their support to this effort.  These are the same men who have been leading the Marches for Life over these past many years.

When we arrived at the Supreme Court, we were met with opposition by various proponents of perversions.  At times conditions got rather crowded.  The third video shows a bunch of them flapping around a "rainbow flag" (for lack of better term).  What they thought that signified I cannot fathom.  I suspect that the garishly dressed cross-dressers are members of a group that calls itself "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence".  This bunch is headquartered in San Francisco and in the past were allowed use of the facilities of Holy Redeemer Church in the Castro district.  From this video one can see the moral and spiritual slime swamp that Archbishop Cordileone is trying to correct.

With no further ado I now post the videos.


  1. What MD parishes do you think did a good job getting the word out? I am curious. Also, I noticed that what was being held was a rainbow-colored flag. Does this mean that we in the natural marriage movement are trying to take back the rainbow from the militant gay movement? If so, this is a good move, given that God sent the first rainbow to Noah and his family. Well, they were an obedient and holy family, so taking back the rainbow would have a significant, two-fold significance. We need, too, to encourage people more and more to get the word out. Just putting a notice in the bulletin is good, but it is not enough.


    1. Dawn, I am reluctant to name the decent parishes on this blog for fear of causing retribution against them from high places. It's sad that I cannot congratulate them publicly, but such is the state of affairs in this Archdiocese of Washington.

      As for the rainbow flags, gay activists were waiting for us at the Supreme Court. We were toe-to-toe with them. You might have noticed garishly dressed men. I should say cross-dressed men (with painted faces). They were part of that cabal.

  2. Maybe I missed it, but neither Archbishop Lori nor the cleric from the USCCB ever mentioned Christ.....they kept their prayer/ speech very generic. No such reticence was exhibited by the Orthodox priest (probably the best speaker of the day) nor the innumerable Protestant speakers (who seemed to represent a sizeable portion of the Hispanics there).

    1. I arrived after they spoke. I'm hoping NOM will publish archives of the full set of talks.


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