Saturday, March 25, 2017

Maryland Catholic Conference Sides With Annapolis Democrats For State Funding Of Planned Parenthood

President Trump has promised to defund Planned Parenthood.  That will happen whenever the GOP can find the spinal fortitude to defang Obamacare in its entirety.  Trump had offered to retain funding of Planned Parenthood if the latter ceased abortions.  Showing their claim of abortions being only 3% of their business to be a lie, the national office of PP balked at that offer.  So now PP will be defunded; that is, our tax dollars will not go to that murderous cabal.

The progressives who crawl through the halls of the Maryland state legislature are determined to come to the rescue of the Planned Parenthood operations in Maryland.  From the Baltimore Sun we read the sordid tale. The senate bill sponsor is Richard Madaleno from Montgomery County, openly gay despite (or maybe because of) his Jesuit high school education.   Knowing the state of Maryland politics and the progressive slant of much of the population in Montgomery County, Prince George's County and Baltimore City, none of this is a surprise.  Indeed it is quite typical.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Sun article, you will notice an unconscionable dereliction of duty on the part of the Maryland Catholic Conference.  They pretend that because "abortion isn't being funded" then they need not oppose this funding measure.  By their silence and refusal to join decent people in opposition, they are in fact supporting the funding of Planned Parenthood, be that support ever so tacit.

Karen Nelson, President of Planned Parenthood of Maryland, is quoted as saying  "that under federal law, the money used to provide abortions is kept strictly separate from the money that pays to provide other health care."  Mary Ellen Russell, Executive Director for the Maryland Catholic Conference, repeated that falsehood by saying of the proposed bill that "its requirements are the same as those under the federal law barring the use of money for abortion."

Both of those women know better than that.  They both have experience in working with not-for-profits (as do I) and know full well how various funds within a non-profit interrelate with each other.  It involves a concept known as fungibility - a concept of which both Nelson and Russell are quite aware.  Several years ago, Michael Hichborn produced a video that explains the concept quite aptly.  Please watch it; this post continues below the video.

We know what motivates Nelson to lie through her teeth; but what motivates Russell to do the same?  Whom do they think they're deceiving?  What is driving MCC to acquiesce to the pro-aborts on this?  Who or what is causing them to play the moral cowards?  Are they being told that funding for some pet "social justice" project will be curtailed?  Are some of their perks in Annapolis being threatened with discontinuance?  Do they not care that Planned Parenthood's baby-killing apparatus in Maryland stands to be funded with our tax dollars?  We can only guess and those guesses might well be very accurate.  Whatever the answers might be, it is no wonder why faithful Catholics do not take them (nor their national counterpart, the USCCB) seriously.


  1. Why is this shocking when the Archdiocese of Washington makes direct payments to DC's largest late term abortion provider?

    1. Details? I don't doubt you but would like to explore and expose it. Thanks.

  2. Remember the "Fortnight for Freedom" rally at the rented hall on GWU campus? Ever been asked to pray for a priest who was in GWU hospital for an operation? The rental for the rally was tens of thousands of dollars to GWU. And the ADW health insurance is giving GWU hospital payments for medical care. GWU hospital is the largest provider of late term abortions in metro DC.


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