Monday, March 3, 2014

Fort Worth Bishop Unlawfully Bans Traditional Latin Mass At Fisher More College

Reverend Michael Olson, who was installed as Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth has, as one of his first actions, banned the Traditional Latin Mass from being offered at Fisher More College (ht Rorate Caeli).

There is no doubt that such a move flies in the face of the Apostolic letter issued July 7, 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI.  There is also no doubt that there is malevolence towards the Traditional Latin Mass, either by the bishop himself or someone within his chancery.  To the right are copies of: Bishop Olson's letter to the President of Fisher More College (Dr. Michael King), unlawfully banning the TLM from the campus and a copy of a letter from the Canon Law Centre explaining why the bishop's actions fly in the face of church law.

Consider this, as you read the bishop's letter.  It was dated late February, less than one month after he was installed as bishop.  How, in less than one month's time, could he possibly divine that such a move was "necessary for the soul" of Dr. King?  That's sanctimonious nonsense.

I suspect the draconian treatment being meted out to the Franciscans of the Immaculate (see here and here) has only emboldened those who, for whatever reason, hold the Extraordinary Form in disdain.  Bishop Olson's actions should remove all doubt of that.

Here is the contact information (scroll to the bottom) for Bishop Olson.  Please write and/or email and or phone his office.  He needs to hear from many of us.  Please be respectful of his office, but also be firm regarding the dictates of Pope Benedict XVI's letter.

Those of you within the Diocese of Fort Worth, if your concerns aren't being met with the respect they deserve, consider a boycott of diocesan appeals until such time they are met.


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