Saturday, February 27, 2010

From the "Chumpions of Choice" Department

When Christians offer witness at places of great evil, we will evoke strong and bizarre reactions, as consciences are pricked and demons are challenged.  Those who are regularly in front of abortuaries can certainly attest to this, and probably have seen similar incidents such as this one that occurred today in front of the Planned Parenthood on Spring Street in Silver Spring, MD.  Recall the various times in the Gospels when Jesus expelled demons.  Did He not get some bizarre reactions as the demons balked?  Maybe such is the case with this man (dubbing himself "Bob the fetus god"), or maybe he's had an abortion in his past. 

Or maybe he was just being an arrogant buffoon.  This seems to have been a planned stunt; notice his female companion recording and grinning through it.  Also notice that the deathscorts were embarrassed by their fellow pro-abort; one can be heard complaining to the companion that "this isn't helping".  See for yourself.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

He closed his silly screed with an exhortation to "recycle".  Hey!  I wonder if he's following the "lenten carbon fast"!

A special note now, to pro-abortion activists:
Boys and girls!  Just think!  If you continue down the pro-abortion primrose path, perhaps you too can make complete morons of yourselves just like the one you just witnessed!  Was that a pretty sight, or what???

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  1. Thanks to all you dear ones who so faithfully witness to the value of the little ones. For some of them you will be the only ones who ever love them. God bless you!


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