Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the "Enviro-Whacko Department" - Lenten Carbon Fast!

Yes, indeed!  This is designed to coincide with Lent.  This nonsense can be found here.  (Note - Should this embarrassment mysteriously "disappear", please notify via "comments" and I'll post it on the old website).  Let's look at some of these precious gems of wisdom.  The source of this stuff?  Appearances can be deceiving; I'll discuss that at the bottom.

On Friday Feb 19, it is suggested that we go meat-free.  Well, actually, that's not a suggestion, as the Church fast rules stipulate that we abstain from meat on Lenten Fridays.  Posting that in this context obfuscates this morally-binding Church precept, especially since there's no mention of that on subsequent Fridays.

Look at March 1st!  Here's yet another piece of evidence that these folks have swallowed the climate change koolaid.  If you're in the air travel industry, I won't blame you if you have an ecological bone to pick with the originators of this, since they advocate that we not fly to our destinations (do they live up to that themselves?).  On March 10th, we see that the USCCB types took a page out of the playbook of the Messiah Most Miserable and suggest that we keep our tire pressures set so as to conserve fuel, blah blah blah.  On March 31st, we're encouraged to replace incandescent bulbs with CFL's - you know, the things that are filled with toxic mercury! 

From where did this crap originate?  Some of the culprits are obvious.  One is the Interfaith Power and Light, billing itself as "a religious response to global warming".  It's based in San Francisco; that should tell you a lot.  It links to the United Nations Environmental Sabbath Service; here's an example of its lovely prayers to whatever.

That was the national group.  The Greater Washington IPL uses the website greenmychurch.com.  Right on the front page we see a problem, and that problem is called the Washington Ethical Society.  Click on that page and they'll tell you up front that they are humanists  In a previous post, I link to the Humanist Manifesto; read that link and you'll see why humanism is so dangerous to the eternal salvation of those who embrace it.

Did you notice anything interesting as you looked at that calendar?  The home page for that thing is the website of the Leadership Council of Women Religious.  Go to the "mission statement" and look at the picture.  What are those things draped over the shoulders and why does it look like the woman to the right is wearing a chasibule?  Go to the "history" page and scroll to 1979.  It sure sounds like Sr. Theresa Kane is giving what-for to Pope John Paul II, saying that she "sensed the need of some women to articulate their growing concern about being included in all ministries within the church."  Yep!  She was bucking for the ordination of women.

The name "Archdiocese of Washington" and its "Environmental Outreach Committee" are prominently printed at the top right-hand side of this thing.  I went to the archdiocesan web site and searched "Lenten Carbon Fast".  It does not appear in the ADW website.  Moreover, the url clearly indicates that the Leadership Council of Women Religious has it on theirs.  Is it ever-so-slightly possible that the LCWR is using the ADW name in an unauthorized manner?

Whoever authored this nonsense is only succeeding in trivializing Lent as a time of authentic spiritual renewal.  Lent is a time of turning to God and engaging in truly beneifical practices such as increased use of the Sacrament of Penance (see our "Light Is On" post), engaging in prayer.  If you truly are looking for sacrifice that fulfills just about all the Works of Mercy (both spiritual and corporal), I can think of none better than to go out and pray the Rosary in fron of your local abortion mill.  To the right is a link to Lifeguard, where you'll find helpful hints and locations where there is already an effort that you can join.


  1. I just wanted to clarify about how Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light supports congregations. We work with congregations of *all faiths* that are looking for their own authentic religious response to climate change. So, we helped the Archdioces of Washington Environmental Outreach Committee to develop this Lenten Carbon Calendar. We also helped a group of congregations in Shepherd Park, including the Washington Ethical Society, two churches and three synagogues, to organize a weatherization workshop. We have organized movie screenings in Presbyterian churches, Unitarian Universalist Churches, and Episcopal Churches. We are not more affiliated with any one of these congregations or faiths than the others.

    It sounds like you see addressing the climate crisis as something that is coming from outside, from San Francisco, or from humanists or feminists, rather than from the highest authorities of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has been a strong moral voice on behalf of climate action:
    In undertaking the calendar, the Archdiocese of Washington's Environmental Outreach Committee were doing their best as Catholics to carry out that mandate. You are entitled to conclude that the calendar is "crap" and "nonsense," but I think the committee that developed the calendar would ask you to respect their intention to do their best to carry out Catholic teachings.

  2. Following guidance in the preceding comment, I went to tinyurl etc and read what the Pope said on various occasions. His words are NOT by any stretch of the imagination an endorsement of the global warming agenda. Neither the Pope nor any Vatican spokesman has taken a stance in support of ANY type of environmentalists' call for reduction-in-CO2 as a solution to a problem. The Pope is listening to Cardinals from the Southern Hemisphere (Rio, Sydney etc) and is not aligning the church with the global warming alarmism that is common in Europe. To the extent that an American reader infers support for Global Warming Alarmism, he's going out on a limb to reach something that is not there.

  3. First of all, there is no "climate crisis." It's the "biggest scam in history" as the founder of the weather channel, John Coleman, said. And he has a documentary on "the other side" that is causing a global warming meltdown. http://www.kusi.com/weather/colemanscorner/81583352.html

    Facts have a way of shattering silliness.

    But you got one thing right, I, P, & L. It is nonsense and gave me a good chuckle for which I thank you. A bellylaugh is good for the heart, the internal environment so to speak.

    Now there is a kind of responsible stewardship. We learned it from our parents. "Waste not want not." My mom trained her ten kids to turn off lights we weren't using and to re-use and use up when possible. But that is not the same thing as trivializing the holy and raising the banal to the level of a sacrament.

    As I will be writing on my own blog this is preaching the Gospel of Gaia (a moment of silence to worship Mother Earth) instead of the Gospel of God. And it certainly makes those clergy who go along with it look like ringmasters at the circus calling in the clowns. Okay, clown 1, teach us to fast by turning off the lights. Clown 2, show us the washing machine fast by pressing the cold water button. Clown 3, hop in the shower instead of the bath. Make it entertaining by slipping on the soap.

    Ah, but you folks don't take it far enough. Obviously, the height of sanctity is reached by going dirty.

    This is cheap grace indeed. No need to fast and discipline the senses in order to grow in virtue. No need to REALLY serve the poor. No need to pray. No need for Jesus Christ in the sacraments. Just carry your groceries in canvas bags and only flush the toilet after #2.

    Thank God people are waking up to this lunacy. Pretty soon you all will be talking to nobody but yourselves. As for calendar, you folks should be ashamed. How many trees had to die for that little project?

  4. Interfaith Power & Light say that they work with congregations of *all faiths* that are looking for their own 'authentic religious response" to climate change. All I can say is "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING"!!! "Their own authentic religious response??? Since when has "turning off appliances, checking windows for drafts and buying carbon off-set..." been considered "religious responses"??? If this is the type of Lenten religious activity that the Archdiocese of Washington recommends, then the only "authentic relgious reponse" I can make is to absolutly NOT GIVE A DIME TO THE ARCHBISHOP'S APPEAL. Another "authentic religious response" will be forwarding this calendar to the Vatican with the statement issued by the Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light group. Let's show the Vatican how our Archdiocese is spening their money, while they are busy closing our schools!

  5. the calendar is "crap" and "nonsense,"

    "would ask you to respect their intention to do their best to carry out Catholic teachings."

    More "crap" and "nonsense".

  6. Almost a year ago, I posted on my blog about this eco-ministry and the Archdiocese. Do we really need to spend money on this stuff when our schools are closing.

    I couldn't care less if it only cost $1000. That is $1000 more for Catholic education.

    Here is another reason why I won't give to the Archbishop's Appeal.



  7. The first and clearest warning that this stuff is "crap and nonsense" (I like that; I hope it catches on) is that it is endorsed by the most vapid, empty-headed (while simultaneously being anti-Catholic) organization of them all: the LCWR. Vapid, unreasonable, unfaithful, graying and nearing extinction, thanks be to God.

  8. I'm writing this on April 27, after the LCWR showed their true disgusting colors by throwing their weight behind the demonic Obama Hell Bill - the one that puts babies, elderly and any other vulnerable person in dire peril.


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