Saturday, February 20, 2010

More on Origins of "Carbon Fast" Schtick

The blog "What Does the Prayer Really Say?", in their own posting about the lenten carbon fast, linked to my original posting with the comment by the IPL person.  Some of the comments on that blog doubted the responsibility of the Archdiocese of Washington for its part in this nonsense. 

You might have noticed on that blog that I had my own doubts.  However, subsequent circumstances removed those doubts, and I'll now explain them.  Immediately after I published that post, I sent an email to the ADW webmaster to inquire into the matter, seriously thinking that their name was misappropriated.  I instructed my email handler to return to me a "read receipt" when the email was read at the other end.  I sent that email in the evening, and thus was surprised to receive back, within the hour, my read receipt.  The very next morning, at 8:15am, I was notified of the comment from the IPL person.  I could be wrong, but I believe the timing of these two events is too coincidental.  Could it be that the thing was read, certain ADW parties were notified, who then put in a request that the comment be submitted to me?  If that's true, that indicates very close working relations between the ADW and this IPL group.  Even if that's far-fetched, we've seen no repudiation of this "carbon fast" on the ADW website.

Enough of that.  There's another group that has their fingerprints all over this (and all over this as manifested in other dioceses in the US and England).  It's called Catholic Climate Covenant.  Click on that, and the very first thing you see is the accusatory question, "Who's Under YOUR Carbon Footprint?" (emphasis mine).  My!  Aren't we just a bunch of callous slobs!  Well, we must be!  Why?  Because...because..well, they say so!  That's why!  And don't you forget it!

Now watch that movie!  It's hillarious!  According to this sorry excuse of an educational flick, if we drive our cars and run our hot water faucets, we create electrical storms and cause draughts and joblessness!  It's more swallowing of the junk science.  It does mention that we Catholics have the obligation to care for the least among us who have no voice - hold that thought!

Go and see who the coalition members are.  It's the usual gang of suspects: Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, Leadership Council of Women Religious and - at the top of the list - the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development.  That's headed by - John Carr!  We've heard that name before now, haven't we?

Again, he has also been linked with the Center for Community Change, that has helped fund abortion-promoting organizations.  How is that helping to care for the least among us who have no voice, namely, the unborn who are slaughtered vis-a-vis abortion, to the tune of 4,000 daily?

Regarding the Real Catholic vidoe in the post below regarding the "social justice" scam, this is a prime example of which Voris was speaking.


  1. Thanks a lot for looking into these things. I am the one that sent the comment to Fr Z, and I am waiting on a response from the Archdiocese about exactly this issue.

    There are apparently a LOT of people at the diocese that have no idea of the kinds of activities the Archdiocese is involved in. Their initial response was "we're not responsible for what the LCWR puts out."

    We'll see what they say, or if I get any response at all other than that.

  2. Thanks for the link. As far as your inquiry goes, I hope you provided for some sort of proof of receipt. Otherwise it might become ..uh.. lost, if you get my drift. The timing of my own read receipt and that person's comment is suspicious, but not conclusive. The line you received is typical. I went to the ADW site just now, and I certainly see no disclaimer. At this point, the ADW would have to publicly disown the "carbon fast" stuff for me to believe that they are innocent of it.


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