Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Window-Dressing Catholicism

In these next two clips, Michael Voris talks about those Catholics who emphasize the "horizontal" dimension of our religion to the exclusion of the Divine aspect of our Faith.  Of course we know the latter is the more fundamental, and it is that which will last into eternity.  He calls those Catholics "practical Catholics".  I won't use that terminology, since our Faith is in actuality very practical precisely because it is based on the eternal truths of God.  Rather, I'll call them "pseudo-Catholics", for indeed if they don't adhere to the Magisterium, to the teachings on the Last Four Things, to the necessity for the Sacraments (celebrated properly) and to the Magisterium's teachings on life, marriage, and other moral issues, their faith is based on falsehood.

You'll see in the second clip where he makes it a point to show that these pseudo-Catholics or nominal Catholics within our structures actually cause a de facto schism within the Church.  Some strongholds of pseudo-catholicism (I'll use the small "c") do include the USCCB (not all employees, but certainly the majority of the governing forces within), Catholics United, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.   Now for the videos.

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