Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cardinal Dolan's Jolly Demeanor - Thin Veneer For Thuggish Behavior

Below is a video depicting how Michael Voris and his cameraman were manhandled by thugs whom we can only presume to be on the payroll of the Archdiocese of New York.  Surprised?  Don't be!  Last June I posted of his swift and draconian treatment of Father Justin Wylie who was offering Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Church of the Holy Innocents.  He publicly called upon Cardinal Dolan to send priests to offer Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  That was enough for Dolan to have Father Wylie whisked away to South Africa while he lodged complaints to the Holy See and the Archdiocese of Johannesburg.

So Cardinal Dolan pranced with gays while the latter were celebrating their mortal sins in a parade ostensibly to honor a Catholic saint.  This was not the only dismal "first" for this parade.  Another "first" involved the exclusion of a pro-life group.  LifeNews informs us that the Children First Foundation had their parade application rejected.  LifeSiteNews adds the detail that the parade organizers rejected the pro-life group so as not to take attention away from the gays!  So there was a gay groups with its banners, but not one pro-life group!  Who are the sugar-daddies that are pulling Dolan's puppet strings?

The Children First Foundation wasn't completely silenced.  One Catholic Church, near the parade route (if not on it), allowed them to fly their banner in front of their historic church.  What was the name of that church?  Hint - look at the first paragraph!  Yes - Holy Innocents!  Here's praying that they don't suffer repercussions from the local chancery!

I now post the video.  In it Voris states there will be ones to follow.  I'll post as they become available.

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  1. I find this unbelievable, what is Cardinal Dolan thinking!! I look forward to more news on this sad state of affairs...St Patricks Day has always been a day of celebrating the Irish and their patron Saint, St Patrick....not in the manner displayed by Cardinal Dolan.


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