Monday, March 2, 2015

More On Father Hesburgh's Legacy Of Destruction

On Friday I touched upon the death of the notorious Father Theodore Hesburgh, long-time president of the University of Notre Dame.  The main thing he presided over while in his post was the destruction of Catholic education there and in many other places - not to mention the confusion and likely damnation of the souls of Notre Dame's students.

Regrettably but not too surprisingly, his death has garnered him accolades from the usual suspects.  Chief among them is Cardinal Dolan, giving the usual happy-clappy crap.  I've blogged about his gaffes many times.  One theme of this bloviation is Hesburgh's "priestly touch".  What is this "priestly touch" in Dolan's estimation?  Who knows?  When Dolan defines God as "him, her, whatever you want", I suppose this "priestly touch" can be "whatever you want", even if that "whatever" is the Land O' Lakes Statement.

Below is a Vortex summary.  Pray for Father Hesburgh.

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