Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cardinals Burke And Muller Speak Truth To Rogue Prelates

LifeSiteNews published some excerpts of an interview that Cardinal Burke gave two months ago to them.  I link to it now and urge its study.  He points out the absurdity of:
  • Trying to claim that there is some "redeeming" value to homosexual acts
  • The use of contraception to be "responsible stewards of the earth"
  • The many anomalies of the sin-nod
Similarly, Cardinal Muller had some words of truth for his fellow German bishops, stating quite clearly that local bishops' conferences could not decide for themselves what constitutes dogma and discipline, stating that it was "an absolutely anti-Catholic idea that does not respect the Catholicity of the Church".  He also stated that "the president of an episcopal conference is nothing more than a technical moderator" and that a country's dioceses are not subsidiaries of that country's episcopal conference.  I recall that Pope Benedict XVI also made the point of stating that these conferences have no inherent authority in and of themselves.  This only serves to strengthen my belief that these bishops' conferences are snakes in the grass and should be immediately dismantled.

I pray that the words of these two good cardinals are heeded and studied, as antidotes to the "maturation" that is being shoved down our throats to make us susceptible for more doctrinal poison that no doubt is planned for the sin-nod that will occur in October 2015.


  1. My concern regarding the suggestion to dissolve bishop's conferences is that in their absence who is able to challenge errant hierarchs when they stray from Catholic doctrine? We know that Church leaders do not listen to faithful Catholics, so who then would be able to challenge them? Pope Francis? Not likely unless the bishop is tradition-minded. Take, for example, the German bishop's conference. Without it who could challenge Cardinal Kaspar's error?

    1. Challenge the errant bishops? Most of these conferences are run by the errant bishops - or at least by their enablers. A "case in point" IS the German situation, as they are joining in the errors of Kaspar and Marx; the latter is the chair of the German conference. As far as those who will challenge them, that might be the person who looks at you in the mirror. It's up to us. By the way - I am grateful for Cardinal Muller for standing up to his fellow Germans

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