Friday, March 6, 2015

Have The Knights Of Columbus Lost Their Minds?

The leadership of the Knights of Columbus seem to have lost any moral sense whatsoever.  Two months ago I alerted one and all to the scandal of an Indiana council renting out their ballroom to lesbians for their so-called "wedding reception".   While I provided contact information for all of you to use in voicing your opposition to this travesty, the debacle is still scheduled to occur next month to the best of my knowledge.

Many of you are aware that the next St Patrick's Day parade in New York City will feature a gay group - first time ever that a St Patrick's Day parade will celebrate the mortal sin of sodomy.  To add even more shame to this event, Cardinal Timothy Dolan will be Grand Marshall for this orgy-parade.

Following Dolan's scandalous example, organizers of Boston's St Patrick's Day parade decided that they too would allow a gay group to march in it. One Catholic school, Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Stillwater, MA, upon learning of the gay group's inclusion in the parade, pulled out of the parade.  Although they've participated for 25 years, they rightly understand the scandal to which their students would be exposes.  I for one commend this school administration for their stance.  Happily the school children themselves understand the reason that they will not be in the parade.

However, the Massachusetts State Council of the Knights of Columbus, who never marched in the parade before, has announced that it will join the parade along with the gay group.  As you read this coverage by the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, you might understand their theory that they are joining this year to give the appearance that this parade remains respectable when it no longer is.  It's quite remarkable that school children have more moral sense than does an organization of ostensibly Catholic men.  The link above has contact information for your use in lodging a protest.

Today I learned of yet another scandal involving the Knights and St Patrick's Day parades.  This one originates from Norfolk VA.  From my friend at Les Femmes we read that Council 3548 runs a St. Patrick's Day parade and this one is scheduled for March 14th.  The person whom they selected to be Grand Marshall is rabid pro-abort Terry McAuliffe.  Read the Les Femmes article for a full history of the debacle and the courageous stance taken by the local pastor.  Here is a link to that local St Patrick's day parade.  In addition to the contact info on that page, here is contact information for local KofC officials for your use in lodging protests.


State Deputy, Stephen Burnley, home, 703-971-4598, cell, 703-927-6074 -

State Chaplain, Most Rev. Paul Loverde, Bishop of Arlington, office, 703-841-2500.

Assoc. State Chaplain, Rev. Frank Ready,

Assoc. State Chaplain, Rev. John Abe,

State Secretary, Stephen Raschke, home, 804-695-9912, cell, 757-509-0177-

State Treasurer, Michael Gasper, home, 804-303-3355, cell, 804-921-0325 -

State Advocate, Stephen Kehoe, home, 703-591-6813, cell, 793-946-6550 -

State Warden, Roy Blakeburn, home, 757-671-8092, cell, 757-581-9659 -

Immediate Past State Deputy, Tony Fortunato, home, 804-364-6157, cell, 917-519-5795 -

Executive Secretary, Kelly Mortensen, home, 804-674-6895, cell, 804-651-3772 -

Vice Supreme Master, Richie Head, home, 804-378-5301, cell, 703-963-8282 -

Master of the Fourth Degree, former, Cy Alba, home, 703-455-6010 - current, Tom Trudeau.

Membership & Program Consultant Fraternal Services, Supreme Council, J.P. McCusker, home, 703-361-6778, cell, 703-963-3706 -

In these three scenarios, it would appear that decisions were made by relatively few Knights who occupy leadership roles.  Many of the "rank and file" probably do not approve - and may well be unaware - of these matters.  We are grateful for them and now ask them to take action to insist that their brother Knights act in a manner worthy of Father McGiveney and the Church.


  1. This is not the only time the KOFC has done something unCatholic. At their Supreme Convention in the summer, Karl Anderson, their Supreme Knight, whom I otherwise like, announced that they were going to partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation to give a "smart house" to a disabled vet who lives with his girlfriend. I know you may not think that is such a big deal, since the guy's injuries are profound, but even though that situation is not as bad as this one, it is still cooperation in evil. I think, truly, that folks should complain about that to KOFC, too. And, BTW, the Sinise foundation should be complained to as well, because Gary Sinise is supposedly a faithful Catholic. Oversight on both parts? Maybe, but still wrong, and deserving of correction. Please consider posting the proper contact info for that situation also.


  2. The writing has been on the wall for many years now. The Knights of Columbus have been infiltrated by Freemasons. It is that simple. Any explanation more complex than this is simply trying to make excuses. Case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing? That is classic Masonic motus operandi.

    The Pious Statesman

  3. They are out of control, which is what happens with craven and feckless leadership.

  4. This article from Culture Wars a few years back shows that the problem with the Knights started a long time ago:


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