Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pro-Life Activists Protest Knights Of Columbus Betrayal In Norfolk VA

Two weeks ago I posted of a number of then-planned debacles committed by the Knights of Columbus.  One of them occurred in Norfolk VA with the Knights council there featuring Terry McAullife as their parade's grand marshal.  A group of faithful Virginia Catholics were there to rebuke him and the Knights (Note - "Rebuke the sinner" is the first Spiritual Work of Mercy).

They posted their video on youtube and I'll post that below.  But first I'll advise of another remedial effort.  As I've always believed, there are many good Knights who are distressed to see the errors among their ranks.  One of them is Pete Barker, a Knight from a neighboring council in Virginia Beach.  He is promoting a petition to have the errant Norfolk council, the Fr. Robert B. Kealey Council # 3548 be formally terminated and disbanded as a council of the Knights of Columbus.  From the text of his petition, this parade fiasco is not the first for this council.

I signed the petition.  I urge you all to sign it and circulate it to your own contacts.  Here's the link.   And now, the video.

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