Thursday, March 5, 2015

Expose Of Yet Another CRS Cover-Up Attempt

The March 4th edition of Mic'd Up deals with the latest CRS scandal unearthed by the Lepanto Institute; I blogged on this last night.  In the beginning of the episode, Michael Voris makes a key point (at the 1:30 mark) that can easily be overlooked.  He states that the government funnels billions of dollars towards the "social justice" agencies of the Church who then distribute the money to progressive organizations that are decidedly anti-God and anti-life.  In other words, the Church is a conduit for federal misappropriation of the tax dollars of the American people.  The progressives in the Church get to keep a portion of those funds for their own pet projects and cushy lifestyles, as part of this "sweetheart deal".  Boys and girls, can we all say "money laundering"?

By the way - I believe that Catholic Charities also derives much of its budget from the tax dollars of American citizens.  In essence, we already contribute involuntarily to Catholic Charities and CRS. I refuse to give them (along with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development) one penny voluntarily.

I will post the video below.  I'd also like to point out that Lepanto's report has thrown the CRS into a damage-control hissy-snit.  Here it is, along with the analysis by Lepanto.

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  1. Thanks for all of the hard work you do in exposing these fiascoes. Nobody in their right ming should give a penny to *anything* promoted by USCCB until they clean up their act aka when hell freezes over.


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