Monday, August 29, 2011

Archdiocese Of New York To Commemorate 9/11 With Gay Men's Chorus??

First, thanks to Pewsitter for this alert.

Here it is.  At New York's Church of St Paul the Apostle, there will be a musical commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack.  However, the "rememberance concert" will be performed by a gay chorus - as evidenced on their website.

The announcement for this profanation is repeated in the church's bulletin. This church, in hosting this chorus, is lending a forum to a group that admits to its purpose of celebrating the gay lifestyle.  A perusal of the bulletin will make plain that this church makes a habit of facilitating sin.  Notice that it has an "Out At St Paul Group" that seems to have the fostering of a sinful and dangerous lifestyle as its self-styled "misson".  And yes, that "Out" website does link to that of the Human Rights Commission!  You can go further down to see the "centering prayer" and yoga.  They even take trips to Atlantic City to support that city's despicable gambling industry.

This bunch will most likely be performing in front of the Blessed Sacrament, offering insult to Our Lord Himself.  This concert will make a mockery of the tragedy of 9/11 by lending legitimacy to a dangerous and sinful lifestyle.

Nine years ago, a number of us discovered similar plans afoot locally.  To commemorate the first anniversary of the attack, St Mary's Church in Rockville was slated to have a number of speakers address the congregation after a Mass.  One of them was rabidly pro-abortion US Congresswoman Connie Morella.  When we got wind of that, we called/faxed/emailed both the pastor and the DC chancery and advised them that if Morella wasn't disinvited, they could expect a picket.  Happily, they saw the errors of their ways and disinvted her, so our picket was not necessary.  I call upon the faithful Catholics of New York to take similar stands and engage in similar actions.

We can and will assist you by making our protests heard.  We must stand for the sanctity of that Church and for the teachings of Our Lord via the Magisterium.  Here is contact information for the church.   Here is contact information for the Archdiocese of New York

By the way - as I look at the homepage of the chorus, it seems that they profaned yet another Catholic Church this past May - the Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  When we contact the archdiocese, we need to ask what's up with this bunch being granted admittance to this church as well.

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  1. If Cardinal Bernardin can have the gay men's chorus sing in the sanctuary of the Cathedral at his wake, why not this church? Who promoted Dolan or ordained and made pastor the priest of this church anyway?

    In what he terms a "telling aside," Vree relates that James Hitchcock reported that "the Windy City Gay Men's Chorus was asked [by Bernardin, who knew he was dying] to sing at his wake in the Cathedral. The chorus's director said that they regarded the invitation as a sign of approval by the Church..." (The Catholic World Report, Feb. 1997). "The Gay Chorus performed six songs -- in the sanctuary to the right of the altar," according to the story."

    "Fittingly, his very funeral provided an illustration of his method. At his request the Windy City Gay Men's Chorus was asked to sing at his wake in the Cathedral. The chorus's director said that they regarded the invitation as a sign of approval by the Church, and accepted enthusiastically. It was a classic Bernardin maneuver: giving respectability to a group which rejects Catholic doctrine and yet retaining the ability, if pressed, to say that it was merely a token of personal kindness, not an endorsement."


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