Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reducing The "Need" For Abortion??

How often have you heard so-called "moderates" scold pro-life activists, saying that we must "first reduce the need for abortion"?  Usually we hear that pap from the so-called "common ground" bunch.

Right now I can just imagine my progressive fan-club getting all a-twitter about me being such a "right-wing fanatic" (or other euphamism of their choice) and perhaps some of the pro-life "kinder and gentler" crowd getting all nervous.  They might even think that "reducing the need for abortion" is a pretty darned-good idea!  If they've swallowed that bait, then they've just shot their credibility down the crapper.

Morally speaking, the object of a legitimate need must be a moral good in and of itself - or at least morally neutral.  One would never dream of trying to "reduce the need for bank robbery", would they?  No one in their right mind would consider bank robbery to be a true "need".  One would reduce bank robbery by incarcerating the perpetrators.  Similarly there is no way that sane people can equate baby-murder with a legitimate need.

We need to be very clear about this.  We also need to be equally clear that we cannot seek "common ground" with those who support such a heinous, barbaric evil such as abortion.

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  1. "Common ground," and "Social Justice," once good Catholic words, have been hi-jacked by the communists in our midst. There is NEVER a need to do what is intrinsically evil. If you don't believe me, just ask Our Lord.


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