Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yippee! Changes To The Catholic Standard!! Goodie-Gumdrops!!

Well, maybe I'm being just a tad too enthusiatic.  My colleague at A Washington DC Catholic has detailed the changes.  Rather than post a long comment over there, I'll just post my feedback below.  The numbers correspond to his original points.
  1. Will the subscription prices drop accordingly?  I hope so; I don't feel like paying for "glossy stuff and bolder headlines."
  2. How about real news in the Catholic world? That would be far preferable to the periodic kiss-ups to pro-abortion personalities simply because they are powerful and they toss a few crumbs towards the chancery every now and then.
  3. What does that mean?
  4. Less articles from the Catholic News Service (USCCB propaganda machine) would be the improvement. Perhaps they can tap into the Wanderer or EWTN - or our blogs! (stop laughing immediately!)
Now notice what's missing from this "list of improvements".  How about a restoration of the letters to the editor? That's the feature that "mysteriously" disappeared from the Standard's pages when Cardinal McCarrick made plain that he would disobey Canon 915.  I have it on good source that at that time, the Standard was flooded with hundreds, if not thousands of letters decrying the Cardinal's statement.  Mine was in that pile.  Not one was published.  Even some of the progressives in the DC chancery who had some sense of honesty opposed the disingenuous decision to ignore our letters - a decision that continues even to the time of this writing. 

(Note to the Standard staff: the cessation of your "letters to the editor" was a major factor in my decision to start both the earlier wesite and this blog.)

To summarize:  If that is what the Catholic Standard means by "major changes", it will continue its downward spiral to oblivion.  It is already irrelevant; there aren't too many of us who take the Standard seriously in terms of finding out what is really happening in the Church.  If it truly wishes to reverse its self-destructive course, it will cease being a de facto USCCB mouthpiece with all its progressive panderings.  It will join the fight to expose progressive machinations within the Church rather than maintaining silence about them.  Somehow I don't think that is their mindset.

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