Sunday, August 7, 2011

Contraception And Salvation - Third of Four Parts

I post here the third of the four-part series presented by Real Catholic TV of Dr Martin Brenner's reflections on contraception.

When he says, "most people are saved because of the dynamic requirements that they respond to in marriage," I don't know how that jives wth the revelations that so many saints claim to have received, that state that those saved are a very small percentage of the entire collection of humanity that has ever and will ever exist.  Of course, both sets of opinions are precisely that - opinions.  They don't define any dogma, one way or the other.  I suppose, too, that according to Dr Brenner, salvation would depend on the quality of response to marriage - meaning, of course, that the usage of contraception in marriage would seriously endanger and perhaps render impossible the salvation of the couple.  Our Lady of Fatima did tell the children that most marriages did not please God - and she was talking of marriages circa 1917.  One can only imagine how she would deplore the state of marriages today!

The clip is below.  At the end, Dr. Brenner gives a bit of a "teaser" for the final segment, which I'll post next weekend.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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