Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gay-Rights Advocate Influences USCCB

In one of their postings yesterday, Lifesite News published a litany of the insults to the Faith proffered by John Sweeney, president emeritus of the AFL-CIO.  I link to it here.  I've commented on many of the items listed therein, but they bear repeating.  It must also be stressed that this man continues to exert considerable influence at the USCCB - particularly in the CCHD office - acting as a consultant to the USCCB's Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development.  No one who shills for the homosexual lobby has any place consulting the bishops on the shoelaces to put in their shoes, let alone "domestic justice".

Not only have I written on this man before (both here and on my earlier web page), I've led two pickets of Catholic functions at which Sweeney was specifically honored.  Present at both those events was Cardinal McCarrick.  His Eminence has displayed regretable tendencies to hang out (often flagrantly) with Catholics who support abortion and sodomy - but I digress. 

Here are links from three earlier blog posts.

When I started the website, I linked to a letter that I sent to Cardinal McCarrick, expressing concerns held not only by me, but by many faithful Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington.  Here it is.  Note items 4, 7 and 11.  All have to do with John Sweeney; 4 & 11 describe the two picketed events.

Despite all this, John Sweeney continues to enjoy a place of considerable influence over the CCHD.  Did I say "Despite"?  Perhaps I should have said "Because of".  I no longer believe that the denizens of the USCCB are ignorant of a mole in their midst.  I now realize that they are merely welcoming the kindred spirit that they see in John Sweeney.

This is all the more reason why not only the CCHD, but the USCCB should be dismantled.  At any rate, not one red penny should be given to the CCHD second collection (for those localities who have not yet had that collection yet).


  1. Many people seem to think that the laity is corrupting the clergy. Unfortunately, it is the clergy that is corrupting the laity. Sweeney would not be pro-abort or pro-gay except he gets this from McCarrick, Wuerl and the other "priest" homosexuals he routinely associates with at dinner parties etc. How long can you hang out w/McCarrick, CUA, Trinity or Georgetown "theologians" and clergy before you start parroting their immoral sexual views? Sweeney thinks THEY are educated, that THEY walk with God. In addition, does anyone think these men don't have their homosexual priest secretaries and hangers on like Palma and Winters with them at their golfing games, vacations, and birthday and priest anniversary parties? If you routinely associate with such evil, you become tolerant of it. Sweeney is a reflection of the hierarchy; it is the priesthood that needs to be cleansed.

  2. I wouldn't say in any blanket fashion that the clergy are corrupting the laity (although there is reason to believe that Fr Robert Drinan gave Ted Kennedy the "theologicial" gobblygoop that he wanted to justify his flip-flop). I have no reason to believe that Sweeney's predelictions stemmed only from McCarrick et al. That being said, there is no doubt that these clergy are reinforcing in Sweeney, O'Malley etc the notion that it's ok to call oneself a decent Catholic yet promote all manners of sin against life and morality.


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