Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicago's Fr Dowling Sinks To New Lows

In early autumn of 2010, it appeared that the Chicago CCHD, under the leadership of Rey Flores, was instituting much-needed reform.  In cutting funding to progressive groups and extending funding to pro-life organizations, it was beginning to live up to the "Catholic" in its name.  However, such reforms were short-lived.  In November, a campaign spearheaded by Fr Larry Dowling both got Flores fired from his position and resumed the progressive slant of its funding - resulting in the defunding of the pro-life organizations.

Father Dowling has again garnered the spotlight.  He is board chair of the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention.  Lifesite News details that organization's ties to Planned Parenthood - the largest perpetrator of violence to defenseless babies.  Strange - last autumn he succeeded in stripping Catholic dollars from pro-life organizations that would have saved hundreds of babies in favor of progressive organizations.  Now we learn that he has struck hands with Planned Parenthood?  That's violence promotion, not prevention.

The Lifesite News link contains contact information for Cardinal George.  Please utilize it in your protest of this priest.

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