Thursday, August 18, 2011

More On Soros's Stranglehood On Mainstream Media

In May I linked to reports that detail how much of the mainstream-lamebrain media is heavily influenced, if not controlled, by George Soros.  A few days ago, the Media Research Center also published a report to which I now link.  There may well be overlap between the two, but please read both and follow the links therein.  The latter contains names of prominent media personnel who occupy positions in Soros-controlled or Soros-funded entities.  It's quite eye-opening.

The tentacles of the Soros squid can be found everywhere - even within organizations that bear the name "Catholic".  Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is one such group that comes to mind, having received $200k from the Soros-controlled Open Society Institute.  Another organization, established by the USCCB is Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC).  Please read this from America's Survival, Inc. as it further emphasizes what has been previously reported on this blog - the ties that Soros has to the USCCB itself.

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