Monday, September 12, 2011

Canada: No Jail For Woman Who Strangled Her Newborn

From Lifesite News we read that an Alberta judge set free a mother who strangled her newborn son.  He argued that Canada's absence of a law prohibiting abortion signals that Canada sympathizes with the mother.

If the premise is the lack of protection for preborn children, his conclusion from that premise is logical.  Peter Singer, a professor at Princeton University, has long advocated for legalized infanticide stating that "there is no sharp distinction between the fetus and the newborn baby."   Guess what?  He's right!  There is no real distinction between the unborn child and the born child.

To my "pro-choice" readers:  Do you see where your warped logic is taking the thinking of too many people?  Now born infants are being murdered, and the perpetrators are exonorated.  Take a hard look at yourselves and what your advocacies have wrecked upon us.  I hope this troubles you.  If not, your thinking is stymied, your eyes are blind and your hearts hardened.


  1. I hope this "troubles" you? Surely, you have been tolerant of evil too long.

  2. To varying degrees we've all been too tolerant of evils (like abortion) in our midst. However, I addressed those last remarks who not only tolerate it, but who favor and even actively work to foment these evils in our culture. I hope they are troubled by what they wrought, for if they aren't then there is reason to doubt that they have any sense of humanity whatsoever.

  3. I am overwhelmed by the hardness of heart that my friends and family
    have. At a recent family gathering of both sides of my family and all
    siblings, children and grandchildren totally 60 people I might guess
    over half are pro choice and yet the newest memeber of the family
    who at the time was just 12 weeks old. He is absolutely adorable,
    with chubby little legs and nothing but smiles and laughs for everyone.
    As you might guess he was passed around like the most prized gift
    at the party, which he is. Afterwards, alone with his mother his father
    could be heard cooing at him, "Why did they want to kill you ? Just
    a short while ago they wanted to kill you. Why did they want to kill you."
    Now that is a crazy question but a good one ! Simi

  4. I've long thought the Pro-Choice culture has caused lenient sentences for women who have killed their newborns. Some think that giving women opportunities to give up their babies with no questions asked is the answer. This of course can open up a whole new can of worms. Anytime progressives come up with a new idea to stop crime, I shutter a little.

  5. Rather, it's the pro-abortion culture that has created a climate in which women feel that they have no alternative but to abort. I've seen so many of them being coereced by boyfriends and even parents. Have you not been reading news stories of women murdered or attacked by boyfriends for refusing to abort?

    As far as women being able to give up their babies, I think it a humane provision for those who honestly cannot care for the babies. By the way - that's not a new progressive idea. Convents have been accepting such infants for hundreds of years now. I have a friend whose recorded history started when she wsa found by some nuns on their doorstep.


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