Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good For Peter Kreeft!

Kreeft: It would be wonderful if 100 bishops got thrown in jail for marching with graphic images

That is the title of the Lifesite News article in which we see Kreeft decrying the deplorable refusal of so many bishops to attend pro-life efforts because of the presence of graphic abortion pictures.  He asks a great question, that I'll repost here: "What is wrong with exposing people to the truth?  Suppose you were allowed to show the horrors in Auschwitz to the average German citizen?  It might have toppled Hitler earlier.  If something horrible is happening, covering it up is more horrible."  
I wonder if these same bishops are in the habit of removing their pectoral crosses, that show the Crucified Body of Our Lord.
To my fellow pro-lifers who put themselves in the "squeemish camp", I have this to say.  The graphic signs at the abortion mills work.  They save babies!  Why do you think the pro-abortion folks are so itchy to vandalize them and to have them removed and even banned?  Please - decide that you are going to get over that squeemishness immediately.  If they cause discomfort (and they should), please offer it up and join in solidarity and prayer with the babies for whom such horror is the last thing they know in their short time in this life.

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  1. Hear Hear ! Again I commend you for standing up for the hard truth.
    Amazing how many so called pro lifers are against the photographs of
    murdered babies by abortion. They are heartbreaking I agree. Do I like
    to look at them ? No ! But get a backbone show what "abortion" really is.
    I am sick to death of the "baby pro lifers" who just can't stand the graphics.
    How do you think these helpless, innocent ones felt when they were being
    slaughtered ? And as you so aptly say "They work - they save babies lives"


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