Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Georgetown University Scolds Catholic University - For Being Catholic!

Well, what else would one expect from a bastion of Jesuit goofiness, the same that gave the late Fr Drinan (God have mercy on his soul) a place to spread his pro-abortion poison, or that gave Fr Reese a similar place when Pope Benedict XVI fired him from the America magazine?

Georgetown University proclaims "tolerance", you see?  However, such lofty ideals fly right out the window when it comes to being authentically Catholic.  The "katholycs" really get their undies bunched when another institute of Catholic learning repents of its own wayward ways and remembers its mission.

Recently, Catholic University abandoned its disastrous policy of coed dorms and has returned to the sane practice of single-sex dorms.  The editors of Georgetown's Hoya are all in a snit-twitter about this.  Read the rant yourselves.  They say "coed dorms should not be up for debate in this day and age".  My, my!  Methinks the Hoya waxes a bit dogmatic and emphatic, wouldn't you say??   Can't you just feel the love, the tolerance, and all the good vibes??   Oh, wait!  That's only if the idea in question has nothing to do with being a Catholic institution and faithful to the Magisterium? 

Georgetown lauds its "gender-blind" policy.  Well they get one thing right.  It shows their blindness!

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