Friday, September 30, 2011

Gestapo Motors

It happens every once in a while, and this is one of those rare occasions.  Chuck Shumer and I agree about something!

Now that you've all recovered from your fainting spells, let me tell you why.  This article by Bob Barr, former US Congressman from Georgia, lays it on the line about Onstar, the supposedly benign vehicle locater found in General Motors vehicles.  You see, it not only finds you and/or your vehicle in times of emergencies, but it watches your vehicular habits - constantly!  Even if you "cancel" the service!  Your very own on-board snoop and snitch!   It keeps track of where you go, what routes you take, whether or not you wear your seat belts, how fast you drive, etc.  Shumer rightly calls this "shameless" and says it should be stopped.  He's right.

Not only could this information be made available to overly-inquisitive law enforcement types, but also to the even-more-overly-inquisitive marketing types!  Can we all say "ka-ching!"?  No wonder the Feds bailed out this bunch - they've got the perfect setting for intelligence work.  Of course that assumes we buy their products.  I believe my future automobile purchase considerations will no longer include any GM product.

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