Monday, September 5, 2011

A Democrat Candidate For President To Challenge Obama

So much attention has been focused on the different Republicans running that most folks assumed that Obama was not going to be opposed by any other Democrat.  Not so, it seems!

Obama's first-announced rival for the Democratic nomination is Harry Braun of Texas.  He has filed his candidacy papers, according to his website.  Take a look at it.

There are a number of progressives who seem to think that Obama isn't ruining the country quickly enough to suit them.  Mr. Braun seems to be of that ilk.  I will say one thing for him, though.  He is correct in acknowleding that the United States of America is not a pure democracy.  He states that the USA is a republic, but even there his definition is lacking.  We are a constitutional republic, governed by rule of law as set forth in the United States Constitution.  He wants to obliterate that and reduce us to mob rule - something which the Founding Fathers feared (perhaps even then they could see the nightmare of the French revolution and subsequent Reign of Terror on the horizon).

As one can see, he is of the "evil, industrialized man is destroying Mother Earth" brainwashed cabal.   His lack of scientific knowledge (not to mention any common sense of decency) was revealed in this statement, breath-taking for both its arrogance and ignorance, made recently at the Iowa State Fair, "Are you going to go and have your blood checked to see how many poisons you have in it or do you want a child like Trig who is never going to grow up?”  He's referring, of course, to Sarah Palin's son who has Down Syndrome.  Sane people realize that Down Syndrome has its basis in a specific genetic anomaly and not in "poisons in the blood". 

By the way - why can't these progressives leave that little boy alone?  Do they resent him so much for actually being born and for showing one and all that he (and all Down children) are human and thus deserve to live?  Braun's rantings are proof that radical environmentalism is, at its roots, anti-human-life.

As this man travels about, we can expect more "precious pearls of wisdom" (or whatever) to spew forth from his mouth.  At least he doesn't appear to be tethered to a teleprompter!

So when will the Democratic Candidates' Debate be held?  Will the DNC allow it to be televised, or will they be too afraid that their candidate-offerings will make fools of themselves and a laughingstock of the Democrat Party?

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